We develop new solutions and products that are adjusted to your needs.

If you or your customers have a problem that you have not yet been able to solve with our current products, then let us tackle it together.

Defining the problem

Transparency towards our clients is a top priority for us, which is why we offer the possibility of testing us and our work in the Consulting & Prototyping section. To start with, we will gladly give free counsel and clarify, through a personal discussion, whether you find it judicious to have us solve your problem. With a Proof of Concept, we allow you to check, at low effort and cost, whether our problem-solving approach is appropriate for you and your work.

Dividing the problem

To this end, we will define the problem with you and focus on its partial aspects. In cooperation with you, we will establish a test data set that will allow us to develop a prototype. We are flexible at this point and can adjust to your wishes! From daily meetings to on-site work in your company or only occasional meetings – we will find a method that suits you.

With our prototype, we will deliver quick, efficient and representative results for the test data set and show you how our software can solve your problem.

the prototype

Our products should always be tangible and operable by anyone. This also applies to our prototype, which is therefore a software solution that works independently and that can be operated by you and your employees through a simple user interface.

If our solution to the partial problem fulfils your demands and requirements and we have convinced you through the quality of our work, the solution to the whole problem can then be considered.