COMPAILE Object Detection

COMPAILE Object Detection detects, classifies and marks objects specified by our customers in image data of any kind. It does not matter if the data contains already recorded images and videos or if live streams are checked. COMPAILE Object Detection can be programmed to any object freely defined by the customer.

Where can COMPAILE Object Detection be used?

COMPAILE Object Detection works with both recorded data and livestream, delivers results in real time and has a high detection rate. We only need a small amount of training data to provide a stable and efficient solution for you. This results in a wide variety of applications, from the smallest component to the monitoring of large events. We can also program a solution for your usecase – just contact us.


Our software is platform-independent and can be implemented on premise or in the Cloud. It can work with all video and picture formats, as well as with recorded data and with livestreams. It can run on a graphics card or on the CPU, depending on which suits your hardware. 

We rely upon standards that are recognised worldwide for all of our products and offer many different technologies as interfaces in order to enable a problem-free integration of our software for our clients. The following formats/interfaces are possible: shared library in various languages, JSON, XML, CSV as well as SQL and REST-API. Other, client-specific interfaces can also be provided if desired.

Please contact us if you are interested in COMPAILE Object Detection.

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