This product offer is exclusively for use by police or military deployment forces and their certified partners.


COMPAILE Forensic AI browses large data volumes in a matter of minutes, categorises the data and enables prioritised processing. This makes it possible to search video and picture data of any type for weapons, symbols, vehicles and many other objects (see our COMPAILE Label Detection product). The search results can be directly exported, already prepared and visualised.

COMPAILE Forensic AI has already been implemented successfully by public authorities and allows law enforcement authorities to quickly sort large data volumes and thus quickly obtain an overview of the content, for example in inspecting a confiscated mobile phone. The free search makes it possible to search for particular objects within a matter of seconds (search order: Search for all pictures and videos with a blue VW Polo/with a small firearm). COMPAILE Forensic AI offers a web interface through which the available picture and video material can be searched.  The search also includes a full text search of all picture metadata (for example: creation date, camera name and much more).


Our software is platform-independent and can be implemented on premise or in the Cloud. It can work with all video and picture formats, as well as with recorded data and with livestreams. It can run on a graphics card or on the CPU, depending on which suits your hardware.

We rely upon standards that are recognised worldwide for all of our products and offer many different technologies as interfaces in order to enable a problem-free integration of our software for our clients. The following formats/interfaces are possible: shared library in various languages, JSON, XML, CSV as well as SQL and REST-API. Other, client-specific interfaces can also be provided if desired.

If you want a convincing demonstration of our products, we offer a free online test. Please contact us if you are interested.

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