This product offer is directed exclusively at police or military forces and their certified partners.

COMPAILE Smart Drone

COMPAILE Smart Drone makes it possible to quickly and efficiently search for particular objects or people in a target area by using any number of drones.

After defining the target area and entering all available information to be searched for (e.g. description of clothing, colors, weapons, number of persons, transportation vehicles, vehicle type, vehicle brands and models, equipment, physical abnormalities and much more), between 1 – 1000 drones start simultaneously and search the target area independently and intelligently.

All potential targets are marked and displayed with live position and live image on the operator’s tablet. The operator can then coordinate the follow-up operation in the best possible way. COMPAILE Smart Drone works with all object recognition systems offered by COMPAILE, but can also be programmed even more specifically to customer requirements.

COMPAILE Smart Drone can be delivered with the appropriate drones, it is however also compatible with other drone models.

Where can COMPAILE Smart Drone be used?

The drones build up a mesh network among themselves and can communicate with each other over distances of several 100 kilometers. This enables the drones to search a large area very efficiently in a short time. COMPAILE Smart Drone can be used both stationary and mobile. This opens up the following applications:

  • Support of investigations in initial criminal situations (e.g. terrorist attacks (search command: Search for all people in the city who carry a weapon and are not police officers), amok runs, kidnappings (search command: Search image of the kidnapped child (via Face ID)), robberies, drug trafficking
  • Military clarification in crisis areas
  • Border control
  • Our drones are compatible with other technical equipment (e.g. thermal imaging camera and infrared cameras, can also be equipped with other technical equipment)


Our software is platform-independent and can be implemented on premise or in the Cloud. It can work with all video and picture formats, as well as with recorded data and with livestreams. It can run on a graphics card or on the CPU, depending on which suits your hardware. 

We rely upon standards that are recognised worldwide for all of our products and offer many different technologies as interfaces in order to enable a problem-free integration of our software for our clients. The following formats/interfaces are possible: shared library in various languages, JSON, XML, CSV as well as SQL and REST-API. Other, client-specific interfaces can also be provided if desired.

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