Independence and flexibility paired with reliability and individual adjustment

Individually adjustable

We offer AI software solutions based on a modular principle, with a constantly evolving modular system. All sub-components can be combined with each other as required – depending on the requirements and wishes of our customers.

Due to the strictly modular structure, our solutions are always scalable, expandable and easy to maintain. Each solution is a complete product and delivers results in real time.

To always provide you with the best possible solution for your problem, we combine AI and classical algorithms.

Universal implementation

Our software solutions are platform-independent and can be implemented on premise or in the cloud. An additional abstraction level makes our software independent from third-party libraries and thus flexible. This makes it extremely easy to integrate into various software landscapes.


  • neural network
  • Data Collection/Data Generation
  • Data Acceleration
  • digital sensor data
  • dynamic training


  • Interfaces (JSON, XML, CSV, SQL, REST-API)
  • GUI
  • platform-independent software
  • format-independent
  • automated tests
  • modular structure
  • pre-/post processing