We work closely with our customers to develop AI solutions, and we guarantee the highest recognition rates. We offer field-tested modules in the areas of data integration, data interpretation, and data processing for a wide range of applications.


To develop these individual solutions, which are completely customized to the requirements of our customers, we draw on our AI expertise and our field-tested, continuously improved development modules.


Our experience in business and industry allows us to integrate solutions into our customers’ infrastructure quickly and flexibly. Together, we create measurable added value.

Red Sky
+ Development + Technology
+ Development + Technology
+ Development + Technology




Our systematic approach to prototyping allows our customers to quickly evaluate ideas to see if they deliver the expected benefits. In this way, we deliver continuous monitoring of results and achieve measurable added value. We work together to develop and refine needs-based approaches to an integrated all-in-one solution, so our customers get more than just a solution; we create a product as a team.


1. Matching Phase – 2. Focus Phase – 3. Scaling Phase


We offer practical experience combined with cutting-edge technology, creating measurable added value in the process.